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Branch (BG)
Nothing of what was said, there was no
Essential: we are on the other side;
Scorched house in a landscape of Shinkarev,
It's unimportant where to, it's important – all equal by;
There was no sorrow, and this is not it,
Getting lost on both sides of a spindle,
I pronounce names almost at random –
The reality as before is unattainable.
I was opening all the doors with self-made key,
I was taking without asking – what and what is the price;
People can't to agree with each other practically in nothing;
In the end, it's their deed;
I needed was all, and otherwise – no;
Exemplary beggar at Galeries Lafayette;
I was looking at this branch forty-five years,
In the end, she took up and flew up;
As if, we were conceived in time of war,
We were baptized by names of guilt
And when words were canceled,
We have become invulnerable;
As if, something has moved in the Milky Way,
A burden is lifted from shoulders, has eased in the chest –
As if, we finally have left behind
This endless winter...

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