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Not was such as she and not will (BG)
I know one song, is flying without touching the ground.
Summer won't burn down it, January won't cool it.
If you want, scold it, if you want, praise it,
But not was such as she and not will.
I know one song, tastes like conflagration,
Who tasted once, won't forget.
Would be enough only forces to us ourselves return this gift –
Not was such as she and not will.
And in the shady alleys the angels weave laces,
And all my words washed away by rain.
And, echoed in the silence barely-barely –
My darling, we'll break through.
So to that and be, yes means yes,
From the one who goes to the bottom always remains no less.
And in the sky over me is all the same star –
Not was another and not will.

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